Lamb Pastures Program


For groups with established or expanding housing services, this program will provide the support you need to manage growth and improve your program.

Home/Church Mission and Sponsorships

  • Building the home church relationship


  • Logo/Brand identity
  • Business cards
  • Basic 5-page website
  • Brochure

Professional Development

  • Collaboration with peer agencies
  • Participating with local social service agencies
  • Managing government agency relationships
  • Building good neighbor relations in your community


  • Developing your mailing list
  • Opening a thrift shop
  • EBay Mission Fish program
  • Contribution solicitation
  • Grants, awards and sponsorships
  • Program project adoptions
  • Developing a volunteer base
  • Seeking in-kind contributions of goods and services
  • Resource trading and exchanges

Legal Support

  • Zoning and governmental hearings
  • Reporting requirements
  • Payroll taxes
  • Insurance management
  • Mediation of small claims and residential disputes

A Small Investment

  • Consultation with Donna Mengel at $100.00/hr
  • Experienced Legal council at $150.00/hr
  • Other services according to your need

For more information please contact us.


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