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On Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Lamb Foundation, Detweiler Family Medicine & Associates, Bayada Nurses and Health, Fitness, Safety and Welfare Professionals will come to Lamb Foundation from 9:00am to 3:00pm to hold our first Health Fair for the benefit of all Lamb Foundation residents and staff. The “Healthier Ewe” Health Fair offerings will include: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Weights/Heights/BMI, Pulmonary Function Testing, Monofilament exams for those with diabetes, Flu, Pneumonia, Hep B and Tetanus Vaccines, A Blood draw station, Stool testing for Colon CA (the residents will do this at home). This health focused kickoff will introduce Lamb Foundation residents and staff to our goal in 2012 for a Healthier Ewe. Raffles, free giveaways, cash prizes and surprise gifts will be given out throughout the day. Call Gina or Wendy at the office for more details.

Lamb Foundation Founder and Director Donna Mengel recently lost 35 pounds through prayer and fasting of all sugar and breads. The year 2012 is slated to have health goals set for Lamb Foundation staff as well as residents, and those looking to lose weight, stop smoking or seeking a healthier lifestyle will be encouraged to do so at Lamb Foundation through health care coordination of employee health insurance options and Detweiler Family Medicine & Associates. Donna Mengel has committed to personally pay all residents $1.00 for every pound lost, with weigh-ins held every week on Detweiler Days at the office. Resi-dents will have their initial weigh-ins at the Healthier Ewe Health Fair on October 18, 2011.
Residents will be paid each week for their weight loss. All residents are encouraged to participate and enjoy the contest

In 2011 Lamb Foundation issued a new policy for employees, staff and volunteers that smoking is absolutely prohibited on or in Lamb Foundation utilized properties, vehicles, activities and job sites.
In 2012, this policy will extend to all outside professional agencies, subcontractors, delivery services and resident visitors. At the Healthier Ewe Health Fair on October 18, 2011, all Lamb Foundation staff and residents will be encouraged to sign up for smoking cessation programs and treatments recommended by Detweiler Family Medicine & Associates, Bayada Nurses and the American Heart Association.

Periodic reviews of your basic legal documents give you peace of mind and can save you money. At the Healthier Ewe Health Fair on October 18, 2011, Lamb Foundation’s General Counsel, Daniel H. O’Connell, Sr., Esq. will provide free consultations to residents who want to find out about Living Wills, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Guardianships and Wills. Learn how you can protect yourself and your money. Visit the Legal Checkup table on October 18, 2011, between 9:00 am and 3:00pm.

October is re-certification month for various Lamb Foundation staff members who are certified in CPR and First Aid. Instructor Alan Fenstermaker will be opening up the certification course to Lamb Foundation residents, as well as staff, who wish to be CPR and First Aid Certified for purposes of resume building and job search qualifications, or just for the sake of continuing education.
All staff who are required to be re-certified will be notified by Dale or Gina from the Office. Lamb Foundation residents and other staff who wish to take the courses can sign up at the Healthier Ewe Health Fair on October 18, 2011.

Self-employed for over 22 years, Dale has built a construction business, landscape business, computer software application, programmed dozens of websites, been a missionary with YWAM, and is now proud to be serving Lamb Foundation as business manager. People ask, "How do you go from framing houses to computer programming?" In Matthew 25:15, Jesus talks about giving out talents; Dale believes this applies to many things including the skills God gives us. If we use them in an unselfish way, not only will He bless us, He will give more.
In November Dale will be married for 20 years to his best friend, Renee. He loves to be with her and is looking forward to the next 20 years together. Dale is also the proud father of four incredible girls ranging from ages 11-17. In moving forward, Dale’s goal is to continue using the talents God gave him, and add more, while working with the Lamb Foundation.

The 2011 Lamb Travel Adventure and Getaway program proved to be a busy and rambunctious summer of fun for our residents. Lamb Foundation staff and residents took scores of photos which we will share on our website at www.lambfun.com, click on “Fun in the Sun Summertime 2011 Photo Album”. These photos should be posted by the third week in October. If you have a photo that you wish to share on the website, please call Steve at 215-661-8800.

Mission: The Lamb Foundation provides affordable housing and support services to senior citizens and adult individuals with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities who would otherwise be homeless.
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