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Sweet E Repeats eBay Store

Our eBay store, Sweet E Repeats, sells unique, eclectic, and one-of-a-kind items and collectibles donated to the Sweet Repeats Family Thrift Shop. Sweet E Repeats is a reliable source of income for the Lamb Foundation.

Sweet E Repeats sells:

  • Unique housewares
  • Vintage items
  • Collectibles
  • Interesting jewelry and accessories
  • Antiques
  • Books
  • Glassware and dishes
  • Electronics
  • Knickknacks

Fundraising through Sweet E Repeats

You can help raise funds for the Lamb Foundation by donating unique and primitive items, including large furniture and collections. We are a certified MissionFish organization, which allows us to raise funds by selling items on eBay as a nonprofit organization and accept donations online.

All proceeds from Sweet E Repeats go directly into the Lamb Foundation’s general fund.

Contact Us

Contact Anna or Trish for questions about donating vintage or unique items. Or call the Lamb Foundation at 215-699-5600. Anna operates Sweet E Repeats; Trish manages packaging and shipping.