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Shepherding Program

Have you or your ministry been called to change lives?

At the Lamb Foundation, hundreds of individuals suffering with mental and physical disabilities have acquired or regained meaningful lives in home-like settings in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Lamb Foundation now has more than 66 homes, and still, people are turned away every day.

Through our Sheperding Program, we are looking to affect hundreds more lives by helping people like you start programs based on the Lamb Foundation model.

We can help you provide safe, attractive, and affordable homes and a program that encourages residents to make new friends, reach for new opportunities, and seek a fresh start in a new life. Read more about the Lamb Foundation model and download our brochure.

How do you know if The Lamb Shepherding Program is right for you?

The Shepherding Program begins with a free, no-risk assessment to help you determine whether the resources available to you are appropriate and feasible for starting a housing ministry based on the Lamb Foundation model. There are also two programs within the Shepherding Program designed to meet differing needs.

Lamb Meadows Program - This program will help you form your own housing program.

Lamb Pastures Program - This program will give you the tools and guidance to manage and market your existing program.